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Preparation for the Final Soils

Preparation for the Final Soils - 1 Histosols 8.Aridisols 2...

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Preparation for the Final Soils 1.State and explain the 5 factors that affect soil formation: Climate, organisms, relief(Topography),parent material and time. 2.Soil: Dynamic natural body composed of both mineral and organic materials. Soils are: 50% air and water,45% mineral water, and 5% organic matter. 3.Why are soils important? Help the plants grow, water supply, recycles raw materials, habitat for earthworms, and an engineering medium. 4. How are soils classified? Sand(course texure) Silt(medium coarse texture) Clay(fine texture) 5.Soil Color: Classified by Munsell Color System. Classified according to Hue(dominant spectral color-red, yellow, green, blue, purple) Value(degree of lightness) Chroma (relative to gray) 6.Soil Taxonomy Divided in 6 groups: order, suborder, great group, subgroup, family, series. 7.How many soil orders exist in the United States?
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Histosols 8.Aridisols 2. Spodosols 9.Ultisols 3. Andisols 10.Mollisols 4. Oxisols 11.Alfisols 5. Vertisols 12.Inceptisols 6. Entisols 8. Which are the 4 most important? Andisoils- Soils formed from volcanic ash. Young soil. Good for agricultural production. Found in volcanic areas.Parts of Oklahoma, Hawaii, part of Alaska, Pacific Northwest. Vertisols-These soils have a high shrink/swell capacity (lots of black, silly clay). Difficult for agriculture and moves building foundations. Found in Huntsville and Houston. Awful to build on. Aridisols-Dry soils of arid climates. Desert soils. Accumulations of carbonates, gypsum and/or soluble salts found in the soil horizons. Mollisols-Dark, native grassland soils. Most productive soils for agriculture. Black soils with high organic content. Best soils in the world....
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