Ch_08_S_Key - 1 CF Quiz 1 Ch 08 1-1 What is the model...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 CF Quiz 1 Ch 08 1-1. What is the model called that determines the present value of a stock based on its next annual dividend, the dividend growth rate, and the applicable discount rate? A. zero growth B. dividend growth C. capital pricing D. earnings capitalization E. discounted dividend Refer to section 8.1 2-6. You want to be on the board of directors of Wisely Foods. Since you are the only shareholder that will vote for you, you will need to own more than half of the outstanding shares of stock if you are to be elected to the board. What is the type of voting called that requires this level of stock ownership to be successfully elected under these conditions? A. democratic B. cumulative C. straight D. deferred E. proxy Refer to section 8.2 3-11. The secondary market is best defined by which one of the following? A. market in which subordinated shares are issued and resold B. market conducted solely by brokers C. market dominated by dealers D. market where outstanding shares of stock are resold E. market where warrants are offered and sold Refer to section 8.3 4-16. A market maker who acts as a dealer in one or more securities on the floor of the NYSE is called a: A.A....
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Ch_08_S_Key - 1 CF Quiz 1 Ch 08 1-1 What is the model...

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