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Ch_18_S_Key - Cf09Ch18Q1F11 Key 1 The length of time...

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1 Cf09Ch18Q1F11 Key 1. The length of time between the purchase of inventory and the receipt of cash from the sale of that inventory is called the: A. operating cycle. B. inventory period. C. accounts receivable period. D. accounts payable period. E. cash cycle. Refer to section 18.2 2. A graphical representation of the operating and cash cycles is called a(n): Refer to section 18.2 3. Money deposited by a borrower with the bank in a low or non-interest-bearing account as a condition of a loan agreement is called a: Refer to section 18.5 4. Which of the following determines the length of the operating cycle? I. cash cycle II. inventory period III. accounts payable period IV. accounts receivable period Refer to section 18.2
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2 5. Which one of the following is indicative of a short-term restrictive financial policy? A. purchasing inventory on an as-needed basis B. granting credit to all customers C. investing heavily in marketable securities D. maintaining a large accounts receivable balance E. keeping inventory levels high Refer to section 18.3
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