Philosophy 6, Final Notes

Philosophy 6, Final Notes - [Reading Notes Nation of...

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[Reading Notes – Nation of Jailers] Imprison at the higher rate than any other country, rehabilitation is a dead letter; retribution is the thing, prison a kind of reservation Nation’s social policy matched with public rhetoric for public order / Such rhetoric can only be grasped with backdrop of racial history -Historical resonance between stigma of race and prison kept alive social meaning associated with blackness Law abiding, middle class Americans made collective decisions on social and incarceration policy questions, and benefit form those decisions -1 st tolerate crime promoting conditions in ghettos, then act out punishments like human sacrifice -Gap in human development is rooted in political, social, cultural factors reflective of racial society Closed, unbounded social structures, like racially homogenous urban ghettos, create contexts where dysfunctional cultural forms emerge -People can neglect to raise questions to social justice, blind to the relationship that actually exists behavioral pathology in urban underclass and society wide-factors, like greed, worship of self, culture of materialism, declining civil engagement, aversion to sacrificing private gain -Those in prisons are the same people as those who are not We whole handed accept the false reality that children in ghettos cannot be educated effectively, so there are no calls for reform -Americans blame ghettos inhabitants for their misfortune (they deserve it), but fail to realize that they are the protect of their own making by having this mindset Civil inclusion is the aim of Western political life, remains incomplete in America [Reading notes - Racial stigma] Less about reward bias [unfair treatment of persons in formal economic transactions based on race] than development bias [blocked access to resources critical for personal development, but available only via non-market-mediated social transactions i.e. violence If enough people believe in a false connection, then a real link is forged and is then perceived as rational -No objective racial taxonomy need be valid for the subjective use of racial classifications to become warranted Race a product of categorization (sorting of persons into a cognitively manageable number of subgroups based on body marks) and signification (mental activity of associating certain connotations and “meanings” with these categories)
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Philosophy 6, Final Notes - [Reading Notes Nation of...

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