exam3-f09 - Name Biology 1202 Fall 2009 Exam 3 Instructions...

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Name Biology 1202 Fall 2009, Exam 3 Instructions: Use a no. 2 pencil to write your name (Last name, First name) and LSU ID#, and bubble them in, on the provided scantron. Select the best answer for each of the questions. 1. Transport of a neutral solute across a plant cell membrane is by a. Active transport b. Passive diffusion down a concentration gradient ;c. Co-transport cf. Movement down an electrochemical gradient ^Vc MV 2. If ijj s of a solution is -0.4 and the \\) s of a celt is^O.6, and no net flow of water occurs between the cell and its environment (e.g., ijj = 0), what is IJJ P ? -0, 3 d. 0.2 e. -0.2 3. If a plant cell with ijj s = -0.7 is placed in a solution with ijj s = -0.3, what will happen? a. Cell will shrink and plasmolyze b. Cell will swell and become turgid c. Nothing d. The IJJP will be negative. 4. What is not involved in water transport in plants? a. A negative ijj b. Transpiratonal pull c. Hydrogen bonding f$) Bulk (hydrostatic) flow 5. Which statement is false about the control of transpiration (a) Stomata are open when guard cells are flaccid b. Water osmotically follows K + transport into guard cells c. Stomata close at night to limit water loss d. Stomata open if [CO 2 ] falls 6. Which of the following is not directly involved in sugar transport in plants a. Bulk (hydrostatic) flow b. Active co-transport of glucose (c) Hydrogen bonding d. All of the above are involved
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7. Which occurs first a. Formation of the pollination tube b. Fertilization of the ovule by pollen Formation of the fruit . Meiotic divisions to form male gametophyte^ 8. The developing shoot is formed by a. The hypocotyl b. The radical [c) The epicotyl d. The cotyledon . 9. The number of slices down the central axis of a sea anemone that can give two "mirror" images is a. 1 b. 2 c. An infinite number d. None 10. In which of the following animals would you expect to find movements of food particles down the gut by peristalsis a. A flatworm (acoelomate) b. A
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exam3-f09 - Name Biology 1202 Fall 2009 Exam 3 Instructions...

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