Dear Bertrand - Dear Bertrand Russell I am writing to you to challenge your views regarding a couple of philosophical issues You have explained

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Dear Bertrand Russell, I am writing to you to challenge your views regarding a couple of philosophical issues. You have explained your view on idealist metaphysical principles due to that fact that mathematics is the only logical way for Absolute Truth. Your assumptions about Absolute Idealist were that propositions all have the subject/predicate form and the second, that an object’s relationships to other objects are part of the essential nature of that object. You felt that this way would not have one truth but will have more than one, thus with your thoughts that mathematics can make absolute truth. Your theory that mathematics is concepts of logic and that all mathematical truths can be proven is something I just disagree with. In my life experiences mathematics as not always had a logic reasoning for everything that life throws to you. So my question to you is how is mathematics the absolute truth? I feel in certain situations the subject and predicate form is the logical way of thinking. For example, a man compared to a woman has differences. If I explain the
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