Dehydration - Dehydration Dehydration is an abnormal...

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Dehydration Dehydration is an abnormal depletion of body fluids. Which basically means when the body’s fluids are being lost or the level is very low. There are three main types of dehydration and they are hypotonic, hypertonic and isotonic. Hypnotic is the loss of electrolytes, hypertonic is the loss of water and isotonic is equal loss of water and electrolytes. So dehydration is more than just the lost of water but body fluids in general. Water makes up more than two thirds of the weight of the human body, without water a human would die in a few days. Water itself is important to our body, for example, 2% drop of our body’s water could show signs of dehydration. The body can’t function without water. I guess you can say water is to people as gas is to cars. All of organs depend on water to function. Water does a lot for the body more than I realized and after reading about made me realize I need to drink more a day. Water forms the base for saliva, and forms fluids that surround the joints. It also regulates body temperature and metabolism. Water helps move food through the intestinal tract and eliminating waste. Water also is a lubricant for our body. When the body does not get the water it needs a lot of negative things could happen. One main thing is it leads to dehydration or showing signs of dehydration. For example, fatigue, bright yellow urine, headaches, hard time focusing just to name a few. The body can also have a hard time cooling off because of the lack of body fluids to sweat. This
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could lead to something really serious like heat stroke.
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Dehydration - Dehydration Dehydration is an abnormal...

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