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Did you feel the results were accurate

Did you feel the results were accurate - Did you feel the...

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Did you feel the results were accurate? After taking the IQ test I am not feeling as smart as I did. I’m not sure why or maybe it’s because the big “Lower Average” marks that just looked so negative to me. To see that I answered 24 out of the 30 questions and to get only 12 rights was an eye opener. I think the results are accurate I guess when it comes to how many I got wrong. I was surprised to see that there is 34% of people in the Lower Average with me and the same in the Average bracket. But the status that interests me was the genius and it’s less than 1% if I am not mistaken. I thought for sure I was going to be in that bracket because I think of myself as a genius at times but man was I wrong. According to reasoning they give for example “Your performance on the test was just below the population average which means that you have the ability to achieve success in life.” I think this was very accurate however I didn’t need an IQ test to tell me I could still be successful.
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