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final beh - in a fast and effective way The theory behind...

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This paper will be about how an individual’s behavior is affected. After reading, collecting information and interviewing a person close to may age I have come up with a theory. People develop behaviors from their environment, chemical imbalance or through experiences that they have come across in their lifetime. In the next paragraphs I will provide information explaining how I came to my theory and examples of each and how they affect a person. Through out this course we have learned all about behaviors and all the disorders that could affect a person. First thing I would like to talk about is how we problem solve and the manner in which we approach it. For me I find it easier to us the brainstorming method, in which I lay out all of the problems, goals or objectives, Then, I break it down into priority and what can wait. From there I focus on the most important and get it done
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Unformatted text preview: in a fast and effective way. The theory behind the way we come up with this method would fall under operant conditioning. After taking the Similar minds test I have noticed that for the most part me and the interviewee think of things a little differently than I thought. For the interviewee Brandi, her results reads that she is introverted, sensing, thinking and judging. It reads that she is trustee, decisiveness in practical affairs, guardian of time-honored institutions and dependable. Mine results were that I am perceiving, sensing, thinking and extroverted. It reads that I am a promotor, action, when present thingd begin to happen, fiercely competitive, entrepreneur, often uses shock effect to get attention and negotiator par excellence. I think as for these results they are pretty accurate for both of us but more so for Brandi....
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