Agencies organizations established by the U

Agencies organizations established by the U - person to...

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Agencies  organizations established by the U.S. Government to contain and control Indian life; at this  point in American history, the term was used synonymously with "reservations". bay  a reddish-brown horse; the reddish-brown color of such a horse. Blue Clouds  the name Black Elk uses for the Arapahoe Indians. Bozeman Trail  the trail through Sioux country that was cleared by whites as a means of reaching  goldmining operations in Montana. buckskin  a yellowish-grey horse; the yellowish-grey color of such a horse. cache  to store in a hidden place (from the French verb  cacher , to hide). chacun sha sha  the bark of the red willow. charger  a horse ridden in battle or parade. counting coup  the Sioux ritual of striking an enemy who has fallen, wounded or dead; the first 
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Unformatted text preview: person to count coup is considered bravest of the group, almost as brave as the one who has brought the enemy down. crier an official who shouts out announcements. drouth a variant spelling of drought. four-rayed having four branches or leaves radiating out from a central point. fronters Indian warriors placed in the front line of battle. Greasy Grass a translation of the Lakota term for the area around the Little Bighorn River. Great Spirit in Sioux belief, the divine power that created the world, whose presence can be perceived in daily life; comparable to the Judeo-Christian idea of God. Haho a prayer-like utterance. Hetchetu aloh it is so indeed....
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