Black Elk begins telling Neihardt his life story

Black Elk begins telling Neihardt his life story - Black...

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Unformatted text preview: Black Elk begins telling Neihardt his life story, ending this chapter with an account of his first vision at the age of five. He relates the events of his early childhood in the context of increasing tension between American Indians and the whites who wanted to settle the West. He introduces two older friends who interrupt his story to supply some of the details that he does not know or has forgotten. Black Elk is an Ogalala Lakota, born in the Moon of the Popping Trees during the Winter When the Four Crows Were Killed (December 1863). Three years later, his father was wounded in the Battle of the Hundred Slain (the Fetterman Fight). During the first three years of Black Elk's life, his tribe was increasingly embattled with the white man, who was motivated by greed for gold and land. He compares that to the ancient past of the Indians, when animals and human beings lived together in...
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