Bleak House is generally regarded as one of Dickens

Bleak House is generally regarded as one of Dickens - Bleak...

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Unformatted text preview: Bleak House is generally regarded as one of Dickens' most impressive novels and a masterpiece of world literature, though not one of the greatest novels of all time. This acclaim does not mean that the book is flawless; it means that despite imperfections, Bleak House is still widely read and enjoyed. Some readers agree with G. K. Chesterton, who says that there is a certain monotony about the book: "the artistic . . . unity . . . is satisfying, almost suffocating. There is the motif and again the motif. " The book has also been faulted for having so many characters and lines of action (plots and subplots) that the intensity of the main action is diluted. Another charge is that none of the major characters is a fully developed, lifelike, and interesting figure. About such indictments, readers have to make up their own minds....
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