Bursting into his mother

Bursting into his mother - Bursting into his mother's...

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Unformatted text preview: Bursting into his mother's kitchen, he blurts out all that has happened, and that night, he has a nightmare: The girl at Rosie's pulls Andrew into the fires of hell. Antonio cries out to God, asking for Andrew's forgiveness. A voice answers that Andrew is condemned to hell for eternity. If Andrew is forgiven, then Tenorio must be forgiven. The Virgin appears and says that she forgives all. God intervenes and says that vengeance belongs to Him and not even the golden carp has His powers. As the flames of hell part, the blood of Narciso flows into a river, to be mixed with the blood of Lupito. A mob gathers, demanding Ultima's blood. Antonio sees his three brothers, whipped by three women, confessing to their sinful natures and asking for Antonio's blessing. The three Trementina sisters begin dancing around him, taking cuttings of his hair, which they mix with the...
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