Dickens ranks with Shakespeare

Dickens ranks with Shakespeare - Dickens ranks with...

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Unformatted text preview: Dickens ranks with Shakespeare, Molière, and Aristophanes as one of the world's greatest masters of comedy. In his lifetime he enjoyed the greatest popularity any English author has ever known, and to this day, "Dickens" is an almost mythical name, conjuring up associations even for many people who have read little or none of his work. Obviously Dickens' comic art struck some perennially appealing note. However, it is not comic achievement alone that accounts for Dickens' unprecedented popularity. In his childhood and early adult years, he experienced hardship and intense suffering. His own misfortunes gave him a keen sense of the harsh realities of life and developed in him a ready sympathy for people — especially children and young adults — beset with difficulties and sorrows. Thus, well before his writing career actually got going, he was accustomed difficulties and sorrows....
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