Dull Knife His band of Shyelas

Dull Knife His band of Shyelas - girl-friend Black Elk's...

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Dull Knife  His band of Shyelas (Cheyenne) was ambushed by Col. Mackenzie in November, 1876. Brave Wolf  A Sioux hunter who sacrifices his life defending a beautiful girl and her parents from a  Crow attack, while Black Elk's people are in Canada. Hard-to-Hit  Black Elk's cousin, who dies while the Sioux are in Canada, whose wife Black Elk's  takes under his protection. Black Road  Sioux who assists with Black Elk's horse dance. One Side  Sioux who assists with Black Elk's heyoka ceremony and bison ceremony. Cuts-to-Pieces  Sioux whose son is cured by Black Elk is his first healing ceremony. Fox Belly  Medicine man who helps Black Elk to perform the bison ceremony, the public enactment  of a part of his great vision. Running Elk  Standing Bear's uncle, a wise man who helps Black Elk to perform the elk ceremony,  the public enactment of a part of his great vision.
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Unformatted text preview: girl-friend Black Elk's unnamed girlfriend, a young Parisian woman in whose house he was staying when he received his "spirit journey" vision just before he left to tour with the Wild West Show to come home. Wovoka The Paiute seer whose visions and prophecies inspired the ghost dance; called Jack Wilson by the whites. Good Thunder One of the ghost dancers whom Black Elk dances with. Kicking Bear Holds the first ghost dance. Big Foot He and his people, some formerly from Sitting Bull's band, were massacred at Wounded Knee. Yellow Bird Sioux warrior whose struggle with a gun killed a cavalry officer and set off the massacre at Wounded Knee, at which he also died. Old Hollow Horn Medicine man who heals Black Elk's gunshot wound, received in the aftermath of the massacre at Wounded Knee....
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