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Unformatted text preview: Eventually, however, Dickens did effect a permanent separation from Catherine. Quite early in the marriage, Dickens realized that it was Catherine's sister Mary who embodied his ideal: "so perfect a creature never breathed." Had Mary lived, it is virtually certain that Dickens would have become romantically involved with her. Her sudden death (apparently of unsuspected heart disease) at seventeen was the greatest loss that Dickens ever experienced. He made plans to be buried beside her and insisted that his first daughter be named Mary. Undoubtedly the loss of Mary Hogarth further strengthened Dickens' inclination to center much of his story material around the pathos of children or young adults who were caught up in emotional or physical suffering. Mary is the prototype of many of the young heroines of Dickens novels. She is memorably portrayed by Lois Baxter in the British of the young heroines of Dickens novels....
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