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Having concluded his story

Having concluded his story - Having concluded his story...

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Unformatted text preview: Having concluded his story, Black Elk points to Harney Peak in the distance and says that it is the place of his vision and that he would like to go there once more before he dies. He tells his son Ben, who has been acting as interpreter, that if he has any power left at all, there should be some rain or thunder. The party travels to the peak with Black Elk dressed and painted as he was in his vision. It is a cloudless day in the middle of a severe drought. Black Elk sends a prayer to the spirits who appeared to him almost 60 years before, saying that he acknowledges their great power and laments the fact that he has never been able to actualize the vision they granted to him; he has not been able to maintain the sacred hoop of his nation and make the tree flower in its center. He begs the Great Spirit to allow him to help his people. A low sound of thunder is heard and it begins to rain. Black Elk Spirit to allow him to help his people....
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