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Unformatted text preview: However, this is only one feature of Richard's religious life. It is perhaps the strongest, but there is a subtle side to religion which Richard doesn't miss. It is the artistic element that catches his imagination and nourishes his interest in language. There is beauty in the hymns and mystery in the ritual. Religion gives order where there was only chaos and provides many metaphors for human existence and suffering. Richard's recurrent exposure to these elements affects him deeply. The poetry of the words and songs moves his senses and his mind. It will ultimately give him the passion to write his own poetry. There is, also, another way in which religion influences Richard. Because it is based on an ideology which, in its ideal form, cuts across boundaries set by race and nation, Christianity frees the young boy from his blackness. The possibilities of a brotherhood based on common ideals are latent in boy from his blackness....
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