In yet another of his dreams

In yet another of his dreams - In yet another of his dreams...

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Unformatted text preview: In yet another of his dreams, Antonio's brothers appear. This time, they lead him to Rosie's house, joking and motioning for him to enter. Antonio cannot; he vows that he will preserve his innocence forever; he will become a priest. His brothers scowl and laugh at him: Tony is not only a Luna — he is a Márez; his wild Márez blood will someday burst forth — and even if he becomes a priest, a priest — because he is male — hungers to be fulfilled by a woman. The concept of innocence eludes the young boy; his mother has said that innocence lies in not knowing; the priest has said that innocence lies in understanding good and evil as God fills one's body at communion. In a flash of lightning, Ultima appears and tells Antonio that "in those hills [the lonely, wind-blown hills of the Las Pasturas llano] lies your innocence." Then she disappears, and Antonio longs even more fervently for answers llano] lies your innocence....
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