Lady Honoria Dedlock The charming

Lady Honoria Dedlock The charming - Jellyby. Mr. Turveydrop...

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Lady Honoria Dedlock  The charming, self-controlled wife of Sir Leicester and mother of Esther  Summerson; the tragic protagonist of this novel. Sir Leicester Dedlock  A proud, honorable aristocrat with an estate, Chesney Wold, in Lincolnshire. Volumnia Dedlock  A somewhat giddy, elderly cousin of Sir Leicester and a frequent guest at  Chesney Wold. Esther Summerson  A ward of Mr. Jarndyce and daughter of Lady Dedlock; she narrates a large  part of the story. Little Swills  A comic vocalist. Mr. Tangle  A lawyer in the Jarndyce and Jarndyce suit. Mr. Tulkinghorn  Sir Leicester Dedlock's chief legal counsel; a secretive, arrogant, obscurely  vindictive man determined to discover Lady Dedlock's secret. Prince Turveydrop  A charming young dancing-master overworked by his father; he marries Caddy 
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Unformatted text preview: Jellyby. Mr. Turveydrop The founder of a dancing school, for which he takes all the credit while his son Prince does all the work. Mr. Vholes A jargon-speaking, unprincipled lawyer advising Richard Carstone. Allan Woodcourt A noble-hearted young doctor who marries Esther Summerson. Mrs. Woodcourt Allan's elderly mother, somewhat of an interfering old "biddy." Jo (Toughey) A street-crossing sweeper in the Holborn district where the Chancery Court is located. Jobling (Tony, Weevle) A law-writer friend of William Guppy. Mr. Kenge A senior partner in the legal firm of Kenge and Carboy. Mr. Krook A grotesque old man who owns a rag-and-bottle shop and rents a room to Captain Hawdon....
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