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Liz A brickmaker - eventually repudiated by John Jarndyce...

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Liz  A brickmaker's wife and a friend of Jenny. Mercury  A footman in the household of Sir Leicester Dedlock. Neckett ("Coavinses")  A sheriff's officer who arrests Harold Skimpole. Charley (Charlotte) Neckett  Neckett's daughter who, after his death, become Esther's maid at  Bleak House Mrs. Pardiggle  A busybody social worker who rules despotically over her six sons. Rosa  Lady Dedlock's maid; she marries Watt Rouncewell. Mrs. Rouncewell  The kindly old housekeeper for the Dedlocks at Chesney Wold. Mr. Rouncewell  One of her sons, an iron master. George Rouncewell (Mr. George)  Mrs. Rouncewell's other son, owner of a London shooting  gallery. Watt Rouncewell  Mrs. Rouncewell's grandson, betrothed to Rosa. Harold Skimpole  A socially cheerful but irresponsible and parasitic man who is protected but 
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Unformatted text preview: eventually repudiated by John Jarndyce. Grandfather Smallweed A mean, greedy old invalid who personifies ruthless opportunism. Grandmother Smallweed The opportunist's childish wife. Bartholomew Smallweed The Smallweeds' grandson. Judy Smallweed The Smallweeds' granddaughter. Mr. Snagsby The rather timid owner of a store dealing in stationery supplies used in the law. Mrs. Snagsby A suspicious and jealous, if intelligent, woman who thinks that her husband may be the father of Jo. Phil Squod The droll, disfigured, loyal servant of George Rouncewell. Hon. Bob Stables A young, unemployed friend of the Dedlocks....
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