Many American Indian tribes

Many American Indian tribes - Many American Indian tribes,...

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Unformatted text preview: Many American Indian tribes, such as Black Elk's, moved camp seasonally to take advantage of hunting, harvesting, or foraging opportunities. Black Elk most often refers to geographic locations according to features in the landscape, especially rivers, which were important as a source of water and food. Black Elk's statement that he was born on the Powder River, rather than in Wyoming or South Dakota, is an expression of Indian culture that contrasts with the U.S. Government's practice of marking out boundaries to control the ownership of land. Another difference between the Indian and white worldviews relates to the calculation of time. Black Elk locates events in traditional Indian time, and Neihardt uses footnotes to translate these into familiar terms. Instead of months, Black Elk speaks of "moons," which are described according to seasonal features: the Moon of the Popping Trees translates into December, the Moon of the...
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