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Mr - A shrewd relentless but amiable and thoughtful...

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Mr. Bayham Badger  A London physician who provides training for Richard Carstone. Mrs. Bayham Badger  His wife, who constantly talks about her three husbands. Matthew Bagnet  The owner of a music shop; a former soldier who has kept up a friendship with  George Rouncewell. Mrs. Bagnet  Matthew's sensible, wholesome, good-natured wife. Malta, Quebec, and Woolwich Bagnet  The Bagnets' happy children. Miss Barbary  Lady Dedlock's sister who raised Esther Summerson for a time and who was once  Boythorn's beloved. Lawrence Boythorn  The passionate, boisterous, but good-hearted friend of Mr. Jarndyce modeled  on the poet Walter Savage Landor, a friend of Dickens). Inspector Bucket 
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Unformatted text preview: A shrewd, relentless, but amiable and thoughtful detective. Mrs. Bucket The detective's keen-witted and helpful wife. William Buffy, M.P. A political friend of Sir Leicester Dedlock. Richard Carstone A cousin of Ada Clare; a restless, indecisive ward of Mr. Jarndyce. The Reverend Mr. Chadband A pompous, insincere preacher, the incarnation of religiosity. Mrs. Chadband Formerly Mrs. Rachael, who knew Esther Summerson as a child. The Lord High Chancellor The presiding official of the Chancery Court. Ada Clare A ward of Mr. Jarndyce and a close friend of Esther Summerson; like Esther, she is an ideally virtuous young woman....
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