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Next morning - Next morning, Antonio and his mother and...

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Unformatted text preview: Next morning, Antonio and his mother and sisters travel to El Puerto to help their Luna relatives with the harvest. Antonio is especially fond of his Uncle Pedro, who calls him "Tony." After dinner, Maria speaks of Antonio's becoming a priest and guiding the Luna family. When everyone has gone to bed, Antonio is comforted by the sound of Ultima's owl, gently hooting. In this chapter, Antonio, the child-protagonist, develops a spiritual relationship with the plants of the plains. Ultima becomes more fully his mentor and he learns the uses of the different plants and roots. Through her, he learns to feel at ease with the presence of the river and to work in harmony with the elements. From her, he learns about the ancient ways of his ancestors. Antomo's thoughts about la Virgen de Guadalupe reveal his preoccupation with punishment and forgiveness. For Antonio, God is a punishing, vengeful god, while la Virgen is forgiving. She forgiveness....
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