On his way to the creek with Cico

On his way to the creek with Cico - On his way to the creek...

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Unformatted text preview: On his way to the creek with Cico, Antonio hopes to see the golden carp; at the same time, he is obsessed with communicating, one-on-one, with the Catholic God — despite the fact that He did not cure Uncle Lucas or save Lupito or Narciso. Cico believes in many gods; the god of the Catholic Church, he says, is a jealous god who cannot live in peace with the other gods. Arriving at the creek, they witness the arrival of the golden carp. To Antonio, it seems to be the embodiment of beauty, the god of here and now. He tells Cico that they must tell Florence about the golden carp. Florence needs at least one god, one that can bring beauty into his life. They arrive at Blue Lake and hear frantic shouting. Florence dived and did not surface. Antonio sends Abel for the lifeguard, and moments later, Florence's body rolls to the surface, his eyes...
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