Summer 1946

Summer 1946 - Winter 1946 Two of Antonio's brothers return...

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Summer 1946 The school term ends, and Antonio passes from the first to the third grade. Samuel tells Antonio about the legend of the golden carp. Antonio learns that Uncle Lucas has been bewitched and helps Ultima heal him. The struggle between Ultima and Tenorio is set in motion. Cico shows Antonio the golden carp. Ultima continues to teach Antonio about herbs and roots. One of Tenorio's daughters dies. Tenorio and his men threaten Ultima at the Márez home. The Márez family returns to El Puerto de los Lunas to help the Lunas with the harvest. Fall 1946 Antonio returns to school. Narciso and Tenorio get into a fight at the Longhorn Saloon. Antonio and his classmates perform the Christmas play at school. Tenorio shoots and kills Narciso.
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Unformatted text preview: Winter 1946 Two of Antonio's brothers return from Las Vegas. Antonio returns to school after Christmas vacation. Tenorio tells Antonio that he will kill Ultima. Antonio begins catechism lessons. Spring 1947 Florence questions the existence of God and pushes Antonio to consider other viewpoints. Antonio and his classmates make their first holy communion. Antonio goes to Agua Negra with Ultima and Gabriel to help a friend with bewitchment problems. Florence drowns at Blue Lake. School ends. Summer 1947 Antonio goes to El Puerto to spend the summer with his Luna relatives. Antonio learns that another of Tenorio's daughters is dying. Tenorio kills Ultima's owl, and Ultima dies....
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Summer 1946 - Winter 1946 Two of Antonio's brothers return...

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