The American artist has been called an Ishmael

The American artist has been called an Ishmael - The...

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Unformatted text preview: The American artist has been called an Ishmael, doomed to wander on the outskirts of his society. Misunderstood or ignored by those with whom he longs to communicate, this Ishmael often ends up in exile from his people or in desolation among them. When young Richard Wright comes to view those he loves most with the eyes of an outsider, he is for a time unaware of his membership among the American Ishmaels. In this chapter, we see the origins of an artistic temperament as it develops under extraordinary conditions. At home with Granny, Richard is subjected to severe religious discipline. She is a woman who is completely antilife. All the pleasures of the senses are condemned as sinful; even the food she serves is drained of any taste. Her youngest daughter, Addie, is a carbon copy of Granny, and she and Richard engage in vicious battles. He sees normal boys reduced to docile pupils by the she and Richard engage in vicious battles....
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