The Misses Donny Twins who run Greenleaf

The Misses Donny Twins who run Greenleaf - eventually she...

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The Misses Donny  Twins who run Greenleaf, the boarding school where Esther Summerson  spends some of her early years before going to Bleak House. Miss Flite  A well-meaning, ineffectual old woman driven half mad by the Jarndyce and Jarndyce  suit. Mr. Gridley ("the man from Shropshire")  A man befriended by George Rouncewell and eventually  driven to suicide by the frustrations of Jarndyce and Jarndyce. William Guppy  A law clerk who twice proposes to Esther Summerson. Guster  A maidservant of the Snagsbys, she often has "fits." Captain Hawdon (Nemo)  A former army officer and, at the time of the story, an impoverished law  writer (copyist); he is Esther Summerson's father. Mademoiselle Hortense  A hot-tempered and vengeful French maid dismissed by Lady Dedlock; 
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Unformatted text preview: eventually she murders Tulkinghorn. John Jarndyce The benevolent owner of Bleak House and legal guardian of Esther Summerson, Richard Carstone, and Ada Clare. Tom Jarndyce John Jarndyce's cousin, made suicidal by the frustrations of the Jarndyce and Jarndyce suit. Mrs. Jellyby A woman obsessed with social activism and neglectful of her own family Mr. Jellyby The long-suffering, mild-mannered husband of the neglectful Mrs. Jellyby. Caddy (Carolyn) Jellyby Mrs. Jellyby's eldest daughter; she becomes a close friend of Esther and marries Prince Turveydrop. "Peepy" Jellyby The sadly neglected youngest son of the Jellybys. Jenny The wife of a brickmaker in St. Albans....
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