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the spokesman of the envious children of Jacob

the spokesman of the envious children of Jacob - that...

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the spokesman of the envious children of Jacob . . . of young Joseph  This allusion from the  Bible (Genesis 37:31–33) connects Claggart's deceitful act with that of the liar who convinced Jacob  that a wild beast had devoured Joseph, his youngest and favorite son. starboard watch of the foretop  a guard post on a platform at the front mast on the right side of the  ship. stateroom  private compartment, or quarters. strains of Dibdin  songs composed by Charles Dibdin (1745–1814). stun-sails  small sails set on the backside of the mast during light winds. taffrail  railing around a ship's stern. tampioned  stoppered (when not in use). tars  a slang term for sailors. Tecumseh  a Shawnee chief. that forward part . . . allotted to the pipe  the part of the deck where sailors were allowed to smoke. that great spar  a pole used as a mast.
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Unformatted text preview: that lexicon which is based on Holy Writ a book that defines and explains scripture. thews of Billy Billy's physical strength, as opposed to Claggart's more cerebral powers. under the lee of the booms sheltered by the supports at the bottom of the sails. understrapper a subordinate. ursine bear-like. the waist the middle portion of the ship. warrant officers naval officers of the middle rank, between commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers, who rose from the lowest rank. was keeping incog was keeping his past a secret. waxing merry with his tipple becoming happily intoxicated. welkin-eyed having eyes as blue as the sky. Wellington the famed soldier who brought about Napoleon's downfall at Waterloo. the wind in the cordage the sound of the wind passing through the ropes....
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