The world young Wright faces is

The world young Wright faces is - The world young Wright...

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Unformatted text preview: The world young Wright faces is, in many ways, similar to the one he has left behind. Home and school have prepared him, psychologically, for the shock of working with whites. He is a victim of their racist arrogance, just as he is also a victim of Granny's and Aunt Addie's terrible righteousness. The difference is in the response he is able to give. He is beaten up by whites passing in a car; he is fired from one job for witnessing the beating of a black woman by whites; he is tortured by two white co-workers in an optical house and in all these cases, he is not allowed to respond as a man. At least at home he could fight back or argue his side of the story, and, even if it led nowhere, he had the small satisfaction of responding like a human being. But in the world he now occupies daily, he is stripped of his manhood. In order to survive, he being....
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