Ultima quickly settles into the family

Ultima quickly settles into the family - Ultima quickly...

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Unformatted text preview: Ultima quickly settles into the family's workday routine but takes sufficient time to teach Antonio about the herbs and roots she uses for her medicines; she also tells him that his spirit shares in the spirit of all things — including that of the river. Until now, Antonio has been afraid of the soul of the river. One Saturday night, a drunken war veteran, Lupito, kills the sheriff, and Gabriel joins the sheriff's posse at the river. Antonio secretly follows his father and hides in some brush, where he sees the wild-eyed Lupito, holding a pistol and crouching close to the river bank. The deranged veteran screams a warning about Japanese soldiers when he realizes that the men have discovered him. The sheriff's brother says Lupito should be shot, that he is an animal; Antonio's father says that they should use reason, not force. Lupito rises, fires his pistol into the air to draw their fire — and is killed. should use reason, not force....
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