Ultimately - Ultimately each of us is a whole a personality...

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Unformatted text preview: Ultimately, each of us is a whole, a personality, and each of us projects that organic wholeness, or personality, which is perceived by those around us and experienced as distinct and unique. Because we are what we are, each of us carries a certain "aura," creates a certain presence, or impression. This is the visible self, the social self the one that's seen by others and interacts with them. Characterization through "free association," "stream of consciousness," or "reverie" easily neglects this important image reality and social reality of us. In all the things we do as social beings that is, as onlookers and participants, from working and talking to simply observing each other in passing what we experience is presences, impressions having unity and uniqueness and immediacy. Hence, in the context of interacting individuals, Dickens' "external" or impressionistic method of...
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