When Billy enters the captain

When Billy enters the captain - When Billy enters the...

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Unformatted text preview: When Billy enters the captain's cabin and sees that Claggart is present, he is surprised, but not alarmed. He wonders if the captain plans to make Billy coxswain, thinking that perhaps Vere is going to ask the master-at-arms for a report on his performance. Ordering the sentry to admit no one, Vere directs Claggart to tell Billy face to face the story he had related to the captain, alleging Billy's part in a conspiracy. Claggart confronts Billy with a hypnotic stare and repeats his charge. Billy is speechless. When Vere orders him to speak in his own defense, Billy remains tongue-tied. Then Vere, sensing Billy's impediment, places his hand on the sailor's shoulder and quietly tells him to take his time. Alter another instant's silence, Billy's right arm lashes out, striking Claggart on the forehead. The master-at-arms falls to the deck, dead. With a whispered exclamation of shock and compassion, master-at-arms falls to the deck, dead....
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