When Wright started his own migration northward in 1925

When Wright started his own migration northward in 1925 -...

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Unformatted text preview: When Wright started his own migration northward in 1925, the country was on the brink of the Great Depression. Until the beginning of World War II, every citizen black and white was part of a culture suffering so badly from economic collapse that there was little opportunity to think in terms of pure art. Harlem was the center of black culture, just as Greenwich Village was a center of white culture; but both of these groups were highly influenced by political, rather than aesthetic, events. The New Deal and communism were developing along parallel lines each was an attempt to cope with the effects of the Depression on the country and the world. In Greenwich Village, white radicals and artists included Carl van Vechten, John Reed, Max Eastman, Walter Lippman, Lincoln Steffens, and Sinclair Lewis. In Harlem, there were Langston Hughes, Claude McKay, Countee Cullen, and Sinclair Lewis....
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