Phylum of Arthropods - b Odonata large eyes(ex Dragonflies...

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1) Phylum of Arthropods: Insects a) Reason for arthropods being so successful: they have wings; did not give up any legs, unlike birds b) Insects are most populous than all other phylum’s put together i) Antenna ii) Wings iii) 2 different types of mouth parts iv) (most go through radical metamorphoses; about 26 different orders within class) 2) Orders a) Coleopteran - “tera” means earth (ex. Beetles)
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Unformatted text preview: b) Odonata- large eyes (ex. Dragonflies) c) Lepidoptera- (ex. Moths, butterflies) d) Helipterum- (ex. Bugs: bedbugs Parasites: Stinkbugs (usually sucks blood)) e) Dipterans- spreads things (ex. Mosquitoes, flies, gnats f) Hymenoptera- most males fly and sting (ex. Ants, bees, wasp, termites) i) Communal and collective societies ii) Some may have toxins...
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