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Research Proposal idea

Research Proposal idea - understanding that management...

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Research Proposal Article Precor, a medium-sized US company specializing in the manufacturing of premium quality fitness equipment, is firmly committed to excellence and leadership in sound environmental, health and safety practices. The company conducted a study in 2001 testing the productivity of the employees in the work place. Primary objective: to solicit ideas from assembly level employees and track/implement them on a large scale. What happened quickly was a system of idea generation and quick follow-up that resulted in a drive-down in assembly times and an unprecedented willingness to contribute by all people. The cell meetings in themselves have been conducted in a way that all members felt at ease with sharing. As the teams came up with ideas, the company funded the changes to implement these changes. Result: Fixing safety issues, with solutions the ‘cell’ teams created, had the employees
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Unformatted text preview: understanding that management really does care about them as they put their money on the table to prove it. Management shares data with lower-level staff about profits, production numbers, what using fewer people to do the job means to them, and all of the data used to fuel the business. Because management is very upfront about ‘doing more with less,’ people appreciate the honesty. Due to the contribution of the assembly level manufacturing business, the company would not have increased its’ growth. In a three-year span: o Productivity per employee increased by over twice, along with increased sales o Injury record decrease from 5.9 injuries per 100,000 worked hours to 1.7 o Reduced workers’ compensation bill from $0.17 per paid hour to less than $0.05 The support by management in promoting a healthy working environment resulted in immense growth in several aspects of the company....
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