Research Proposal Team Memo

Research Proposal Team Memo - Team Memo To From Date...

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Unformatted text preview: Team Memo To: From: Date: 11/29/11 Subject: The purpose of this memo is to inform our leader on team experience during the research proposal project. It will go into detail on how the team worked together, strengths and weaknesses, and goals for the ethical discussion project, which is the next team assignment. A team strategy implemented was having everyone bring something of value to the table. This was also a strength. Prior to team meetings, each person was to find an article to discuss with the other team members. This saved timed and increased productivity during the meetings. Another strength implemented throughout this project was the fact that all team members showed an interest in the topic chosen. This allowed for in depth discussion and enthusiasm for the topic. Individual strengths are as follows: Danny: Integrated structure and direction of course principals. Max: Good focus on process, question topics, and sparked good discussion during meetings. Courtney: Good time management. Lindsey: Improved articulation of topic. Stephanie: Knowledgeable background, found strong research and incorporated it well into topic....
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This note was uploaded on 11/29/2011 for the course MGT 291 taught by Professor Maryj.squance during the Spring '08 term at Miami University.

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Research Proposal Team Memo - Team Memo To From Date...

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