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Team Assessment Form - MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP (Theory,...

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Unformatted text preview: MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP (Theory, Research, and Ethical Practice) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____ Professor Mark Andrew Wesolowski, Ph.D. Office: 3065 FSB Management 291 Office Hours: MW 12:45 – 2:00 (and by appointment) Fall 2010 Office Phone: 529-1652 Home Phone: 844-8052 E-Mail: [email protected] [email protected]____________________________________ ____ REQUIRED READINGS AND RESOURCES- Kinicki and Kreitner. (2009). Organizational Behavior.- Virtual Leader (2007). SimuLearn, Inc.- Blackboard Information (Syllabus, Daily Outline, Course Packet, Cases, and Selected Readings)- Business Source Complete at Miami University Libraries (for identifying research articles and obtaining course readings not on blackboard)- One blank Sony mini DVD-R camcorder disc (2.8GB dual sided) , labeled with team member names. LEARNING OBJECTIVES Most students will become a member of an organization (profit or nonprofit) regardless of major or career choice requiring them to interact with others and possibly lead individuals and teams. Many successful CEOs believe that people are an organization’s most valuable resource. This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand human behavior and become an effective leader in various environments, thus enhancing the success of their organizational experience. Many students have also indicated that course principles have been known to further their development and growth on a personal level as well. “The mission of the Farmer School of Business is to be a premier business program that provides students with the life-long ability to acquire knowledge and translate it into responsible action in a competitive global environment. Toward that end, across the curriculum we seek to develop a number of important skills/perspectives in all of our graduates, including critical thinking and ethical decision making, effective communication, and international/diversity perspectives.” Management and Leadership (MGT 291) is concerned with utilizing the scientific discovery process to enhance our understanding of how management and leadership principles are best applied in work environments. The goal of this course is to explore how the most successful businesses attract, develop, and retain their human capital. Primarily, analytical, critical thinking, communication, feedback, team, leadership, and resilience skills will be developed in this course. We will also engage in discussions about diversity and ethics within an organizational and international context. Therefore, the overall learning objective for this course is to create a developmental learning environment that will enable students to: 1. Develop an overall understanding of management and leadership from a theoretical, research, and ethical practice perspective....
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Team Assessment Form - MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP (Theory,...

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