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Havelka Inc., Lindsey Duff 216 Hamilton Hall Oxford, Ohio 45056 740-680-1234 To: Jenna Kerns, CMO From: Lindsey R. Duff Date: May 3, 2010 Re: Solution to Business Problem As requested, I have investigated the current problems that Havelka Inc., has been having regarding the fluctuation of sales throughout the seasons. I believe that I have the solution to this issue to make Havelka Inc., more productive and efficient. I will explain my methods for approaching the problem, the assumptions regarding the fluctuations, the importance of the corporate data, and the technologies necessary to deliver the solution. The assumption that the seasons are the cause of the fluctuation can be confirmed by analyzing the variables of sales per person and total sales throughout the year. To approach the problem, we must examine the products on an annual basis to determine where fluctuation periods may occur. It might be helpful to look at yearly reports from the last five to ten years to make a correlation from year to year. We can say that trends are expected. Fluctuations are common and natural for any company that deals with
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BPS-dufflr - HavelkaInc., Lindsey Duff 216 Hamilton Hall...

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