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Unformatted text preview: + Miami UniversityMiami UniversityMiami University Memo 2/2/2010 To: Blutarsky, John From: Duff, Lindsey Millam, Jay Brockman, Michael Zheng, Xu Date: 2/2/2010 Re: Warehouse Stock Now that our team has had an opportunity to analyze the HPTN inventory situation, we would like to help inform you on how to better stock your warehouse with the products that will generate the most revenue. With an overview on the entire inventory, if everything is sold, the total revenue will equal $305,520.55 while costs will total $199,606.47. Using this data, total profit will equal $105,914.08. Breaking data down into product categories, FT generates a total profit of $89,127.16; TP produces a profit totaling $16,786.92. Analyzing these monetary numbers, product category FT generates 5.3 times as much profit as TP. Because category FT produces more profit, the Fig stock should be liquidated first. The focus on sales should be on Fig because it would generate the most profit if all of the stock on hand were sold. This would then free warehouse space leaving room for Lemon and Avocado, the most generate the most profit if all of the stock on hand were sold....
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