P4D1-1115-Steinhauser-Stack-Duff - COMPANYNAME Exotic...

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COMPANYNAME PRODUCTNAME ORDERDATE SUPPLIERID UNITPRICE UNITCOST ORDERID Exotic Liquids Chai 14-NOV-09 1 18 14.52 10863 Exotic Liquids Chai 03-NOV-09 1 18 14.52 10847 Exotic Liquids Chai 06-DEC-09 1 18 14.52 10905 Exotic Liquids Chai 08-DEC-09 1 18 14.52 10911 Exotic Liquids Chai 12-DEC-09 1 18 14.52 10918 Exotic Liquids Chai 19-DEC-09 1 18 14.52 10935 Exotic Liquids Chai 16-JAN-10 1 18 14.52 11003 Query 1) SELECT mis235.suppliers.companyname, mis235.products.productname, mis235.orders.orderdate, mis235.products.supplierid, mis235.products.unitprice, mis235.products.unitcost, mis235.orderdetails.orderid, mis235.orderdetails.productid, mis235.orderdetails.quantity, mis235.orders.orderid FROM mis235.suppliers, mis235.products, mis235.orderdetails, mis235.orders WHERE mis235.suppliers.supplierID=mis235.products.supplierid AND mis235.products.productid=mis235.orderdetails.productid AND mis235.orderdetails.orderid=mis235.orders.orderid ORDER BY mis235.suppliers.supplierid, mis235.products.productid;
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This note was uploaded on 11/29/2011 for the course MIS 235 taught by Professor Sunrro during the Spring '08 term at Miami University.

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P4D1-1115-Steinhauser-Stack-Duff - COMPANYNAME Exotic...

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