Biology of the Octopus Briareus

Biology of the Octopus Briareus - Ford Larisa A Annual...

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Biology of the Octopus Briareus I. Introduction a. Brief facts of the Reef Octopus a.i. Ex.) Most common species of Octopus found in the Bahamas, Western Atlantic, Caribbean, and the coasts of northern South America. a.ii. Usually found feeding on reefs and seagrass beds at night. II. Physical Aspects a. General Anatomy b. Defense Mechanisms c. Reproduction d. Locomotion e. Size III. World Range, Habitat, and Intellectual Aspects a. Senses b. Adaptation Habits to Environment c. General Surroundings/Environment d. Intelligence IV. Potential Endangerments to the Species a. Possible Threats to the Octopus Briareus Species b. Ways to Protect the Creature V. Closing a. Summary of the Octopus Briareus Species a.i. Anatomy a.ii. Habitat a.iii. Risks and Preservation of the Species SOURCES:
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Biology of the Octopus Briareus - Ford Larisa A Annual...

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