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KNH Final Paper - Lindsey Duff KNH 120 Megan Byrd...

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Lindsey Duff KNH 120 Megan Byrd Individual Exercise Final Running? Walking? Swimming? As long as you keep your body moving, you are making the best decision for your health. One major problem in today’s society is the busy lives people lead. When you feel a time constraint on everything you need to accomplish in one day, it simply seems there is no time for exercising. If everyone could distinguish the difference between exercise and physical activity, I believe there would be a much lower percent of obese people. The way in which I distinguish exercise from physical fitness is the following; Exercise varies from physical activity in the way that exercise is a physical activity carried out for a specific purpose to improve one particular area of the body. It is a planned, repetitive activity. On the other hand, physical activity is any activity that requires the body to move in a way that forces your body to work harder than it usually does. When the thought of "exercise" comes to mind, I think of going to the gym or on a run where a person deliberately wants to receive some form of workout. As for physical activity, I simply think of an everyday activity that includes things such
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KNH Final Paper - Lindsey Duff KNH 120 Megan Byrd...

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