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Lindsey Duff CLS 121.F 9/22/08 Just Another Duff Family Story… If I were asked to describe my family, I would simply grin and burst into laughter. I can confidently say that I have the most unique, crazy, and for lack of better words, goofy family than any family I’ve ever met. My family, including extended family members, is best known for the stories we tell. Every time I ask to hear a story, I never am told the same story unless I ask to hear a specific one. This evening I spoke to my dad on the phone. I asked for a story he thinks best defines the Duff family. After contemplating which one to narrate, he took a deep breath, chuckled a bit, and began the story: It was the day to get the family portrait taken. And on top of that, Betsy, my dad’s younger sister, whom at the time was just about to graduate college, had her husband-to- be coming to the house to meet the rest of the family for the first time. She was nervous and very anxious as she waited on Wally to arrive. My dad Gary was standing in the
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