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amoeba-2 - off 2 The nucleus begins to divide 3 The nucleus...

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Amoeba 2 Amoeba - locomotion 1 At one point on the amoeba, the ectoplasm extends and the endoplasm flows in, forming a pseudopodium. 2 The pseudopodium continues to extend and the endoplasm continues to flow so that the whole amoeba is moving to the right. 3 A new pseudopodium starts to form and … 4 …the endoplasm flows into this. 5 As a result, the amoeba has changed its direction of movement 1. Amoeba stops moving and rounds
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Unformatted text preview: off 2. The nucleus begins to divide. 3. The nucleus has divided and the cytoplasm starts to constrict. 4 & 5 The constriction continues to divide the cytoplasm. 6. The daughter amoebae separate. This is a form of asexual reproduction called binary fission . There is no evidence of sexual reproduction in this species of Amoeba Reproduction © D.G. Mackean...
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