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Fruit formation (tropical) 3 Annona muricata Annona muricata (‘soursop’) is a tropical tree growing to about 8m and bearing large, edible fruits. It is a native of tropical America but is widely grown throughout the tropics. The fruits can be up to 30 cm long and the edible white pulp can be eaten fresh or processed into ice cream or soft drinks. (a) Annona flower (b) Half flower of Annona (f) Longitudinal section of immature fruit (g) Mature fruit (h) Longitudinal section of
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Unformatted text preview: fruit petals sepal receptacle stamens styles and stigmas ovaries remains of style ovule has become a seed soft spine formed from style fleshy pulp formed from ovary walls and receptacle © D.G.Mackean (c) Stamens (d) Female part of flower (e) Female part in section stamens have fallen from receptacle sepal style anther split open to expose pollen stigma anther filament sepal receptacle stigma style petal ovule...
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