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Fruit formation (tropical) 2 Pawpaw Carica papaya or ‘pawpaw’ is a tree-like plant growing to about 10 metres and producing edible fruit. It is a native of South America but widely grown in other tropical countries. The male and female flowers grow on separate trees, the male flowers having only stamens and the females having just an ovary. stamen petal
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Unformatted text preview: tube nectary petal stigma sepal ovary ovules stigma ovary sepal (a) Half flower (male) (b) Half flower (female) (c) Female flower after fertilisation stigma shrivels ovary (fruit) enlarges sepals have dropped style and stigma have dropped fleshy fruit wall seeds (d) Fruit forming (e) Partly grown fruit (f) Fruit in section (C) D.G. Mackean...
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