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Fruit formation 3 - Strawberry and Apple In these two plants, the part of the fruit we choose to eat is not formed from the ovary but from the receptacle. They are sometimes called ‘false fruits’ although the mature ovaries are still present. In the strawberry the ‘true’ fruits are the pips which are eaten with the whole fruit. In the apple the ‘true’ fruit is usually discarded as part of the core. Strawberry receptacle
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Unformatted text preview: style and stigma ovary sepal petal anther fruit receptacle Half flower Immature strawberry Longitudinal section Apple ovary petal style stamen sepal ovule Half flower stigma remains of sepals, petals and stamens ovary (fruit) wall receptacle ovule (seed) Apple- longitudinal section Note that the ovary is entirely enclosed within the receptacle Most of the edible part is formed from the receptacle © D.G. Mackean receptacle...
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