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Fruit formation 1 - Tomato and blackberry When a flower has been fertilised, the petals and stamens shrivel and fall off. The ovary or ovaries begin to grow and form a fruit. Inside the fruit are the fertilised ovules which form the seeds. When the fruit is ripe, the seeds are dispersed by a variety of methods. The following drawings illustrate the process of fruit formation in a selection of species. Tomato petal stigma style anther ovule ovary Half flower . The anthers are joined and form a tube round the style
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Unformatted text preview: After fertilisation . Petals and stamens have fallen and the ovary starts to grow Ripe fruit ovary (now a fruit) ovule (now a seed) sepal seed Usually classed as a ‘vegetable’, the tomato is, in fact, a fruit fruit wall Blackberry Half flower ovule (now a seed) ovary (now a fruit) The blackberry is a cluster of fruits. Each fruit contains a single seed After fertilisation . stamens fruits sepal petal stamen ovary © D.G. Mackean...
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