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Fruit formation 2 - Poppy and Campion The tomato and blackberry are soft, succulent fruits. Poppy and Campion both produce hard, dry fruits in the form of capsules. Poppy stamen stigmas petal ovary ovules Half flower . The sepals fell off when the flower opened. The stigmas are fused to the top of the ovary Immature fruit . The petals have fallen and the ovary has grown stigmas Fruit . A dry capsule with the seeds loose inside. They are shaken out when the
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Unformatted text preview: wind blows seeds escape through the openings Campion petal stigma style sepal ovules ovary sepals, petals and stamens cut off to show ovary ovary ‘teeth’ closed in wet weather Fruit (sepals removed) ‘teeth’ curl outwards in dry weather and the seeds are shaken out when the wind blows the joined up sepals dry out and remain enclosing the fruit Mature fruit Half flower © D.G. Mackean...
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